People that Inspire Change.

We want to work with people who truly care about helping our mission to prevent traumatic child drownings. Brands and people who care about changing the future for so many kids and families. Contact us if you want to be involved or if you have an idea on how to help with this mission.


Raising over $12k to help families in need afford survival swim lessons

Cara is a mom of four, neonatal nurse, and wife of a pediatrician who helps teach parents how to help their babies sleep. I used her Taking Cara Babies courses on Sylas and he instantly became such a sleep champ thanks to her.

Cara reached out to me through Instagram and wanted to help us with our mission in honor of my little man. She told Sylas' story on her Instagram stories and helped us reach so many more parents that needed to hear our message and importance of water safety.

She also helped us fundraise and matched our total donations. Together we raised a total of $12,000 to provide survival swim scholarships to families truly in need.

Such an incredible human. Forever grateful.

The River Kelly Fund makes a profound and lasting impact on drowning prevention

The River Kelly Fund is founded on one of the simplest, yet most impactful purposes in life: illuminating love and joy in this present moment.

River's mama, Amber, reached out to me to make a generous donation to The Sylas Project in honor of River and Sylas to continue to make an impact in drowning prevention and provide survival swim scholarships to families in need.

Amber, Granger and Riv have been such an inspiration to our family. When we lost Sylas, we were able to find so much hope, peace and strength because of them.

Thank you for everything you do!

River Kelly Fund

Florida Senator Annette Taddeo drafts legislation in Sylas' name

I am working with Senator Annette Taddeo and her team to write legislation in Sylas' name in order to prevent more traumatic child drownings in our very own homes.

Every home needs to comply with pool safety before a new owner is able to move in. No life should be lost for the lack of more strict laws regarding pools.

Sign the Petition so other state legislators can do the same

The Bump shares our story on their platform

I wrote "7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Lost My Son to a Drowning Accident" in the form of a personal essay on their website. I open up about the painful loss of my Sylas and what I want other parents to know to help prevent these accidents.

The Bump also gave us the opportunity to share our story in form of a guest post on their Instagram.

So grateful for their support to reach more mamas of little ones.

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