How you can help
The Sylas Project

We've put together a few ways to support The Sylas Project that can bring change to our children's future and help families avoid a lifetime of grief.


Ask your state reps and senators for their support on The Sylas Alexander Gatlyn Act

Don’t let our children be another statistic. Help pass the SYLAS ALEXANDER GATLYN ACT to prevent more drowning tragedies in children. Legislation and awareness can close the gaps our babies needs to be protected in their own homes. Please ask your state reps and senate for their support on this bill.



100% of donations are used to give children survival swim lessons for families in need and towards paid advertisements to spread more awareness and reach more families. Every dollar helps.
Every minute that goes by can be another little life we save.


Use your gift to push change

Do you have experience in public speaking? Do you have a large social following or platform? Experience in design, video, marketing, social media, or websites? Are you in the healthcare industry? Do you make safety products, alarms, or fences? Do you have a personal story you feel compelled to share? We want to hear what ideas you have to reach more parents. Statistics have not changed in decades. We need you more than ever.



It is much more powerful for your family and friends to hear this directly from you. Share The Sylas Project with your loved ones, especially those with kids so they are aware that drowning is the leading cause of death in children under 4.

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