Gift survival swim lessons to a family in need

100% of donations go towards providing survival swim scholarships to low income families who would not have the opportunity otherwise. Help me honor my Sylas and all the beautiful babies lost to drowning by helping teach more babies to swim and self-rescue.

"For every child who dies from drowning, another eight receive emergency department care for non-fatal drowning."

Those who survive are often left with severe neurological damages and long-term disability.

Over 3960 Deaths
or 11 Drowning Deaths per day
8080 Non-Fatal Drownings
or 22 children per day.
+ 40% accidents
Require hospitalization
Ages 1-4
Children ages 1-4 are at the highest risk.

The Sylas Project is on a mission to end the childhood drowning statistic.

Drowning accidents happen in only seconds to the best of parents. Help us make it possible for families in financial need to afford these lessons for their children this upcoming year.

The Sylas Project Scholarship has been such a HUGE BLESSING to our family and we truly cannot thank you enough. My husband was able to go to their lessons yesterday and was blown away at the progress. We seriously cannot thank you enough and have told so many of our family and friends about your story and foundation.

I can’t ever express my appreciation enough. Financially, I am struggling so much and without the Sylas Project, this wouldn’t have been possible for my children. This has been the greatest gift for our family.

As a single mama of a six month old, with parents with a pool, this scholarship has been so appreciated. I won't say I understand what you're going through because I don't, but I have no doubt that Sylas' message and the scholarship we were blessed with might have saved my son's life.

Photo of Sylas

I love you Sylas more than you could ever imagine. I wish everyday that I could go back in time. Protect you and prevent this from being the future. I wish I would have known on the dangers of drowning. But, because of you. We are all helping create change so no other family has to endure this loss. I will never stop spreading your message. You are the light behind everything I do.

I love you so much mi bebe

- Mom

Pool fence
"Thanks to the advocacy of the @thesylasproject, I just had my pool fence redone. We had one installed before we came home with baby Dean, but we relaxed once he learned to swim, and often left the far end open to let the dog in and out. With a new crawler in the house, their work around pool safety awareness made me realize our fencing situation posed a huge danger to a curious baby. Drowning is the leading cause of death among 1-4 year olds. We've now extended the fence without needing to open it."

Sakina Groth